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We are looking for local South African, African, Vendors, with unique products to sell made in Africa. A platform to showcase your wares and get exposure to the rest of the world.

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Once you become an approved vendor, you can upload your products and get them into the online shop for customers to purchase and explore..

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Our goal is to create a platform that facilitates the potential earnings with products that only Africa has to offer. Supporting local business and promoting the beauty that is Africa.

Storie Tyd

Redlands Hotel – Pietermaritzburg

Redlands Hotel – Boutique Luxury Accommodation – Pietermaritzburg South Africa Enjoy a Luxury Experience. It [...]

Bokkeveld Rooibos Tea

All natural, Tannin free, Caffeine free, superior quality tea, unique to South Africa. Bokkeveld Rooibos [...]

Wedgewood Crafted Confectionery

SIMPLE BEGINNINGS After our father became ill with cancer, to make ends meet our mother, [...]


KAANG – Sān Creator God

African mythology › African pantheon Creator God of the Bushmen He got totally fed up with the [...]

The Story of Kaang

Kaang’s People A long time ago, all the humans and animals lived peacefully together with [...]

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We are in full support of homegrown, so Africa’s small businesses can grow and flourish. [...]