Wedgewood Honey Hamper

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Create a memorable moment with our Wedgewood Honey Hamper. Nurtured by the beekeepers of the Miombo woodland hives, the Wedgewood bees make the purest honey because their hives are placed in some of the most protected areas of Southern Africa. We work with farmers and communities to create a safe environment for our bees to thrive. Enjoy their delicious amber nectar smeared on your toast for breakfast, stirred into a cup of tea or eaten in spoonful’s as a midnight feast!

1 x White Online Box finished with a black Petersham bow and Wedgewood Tissue Paper, containing: 1 x Miombo Woodland Multi-flora Honey, 1 x Saligna Grandus Honey, 3 x Cherubs All Butter Biscuits (original, hazelnut, lemon and macadamia), 3 x Macadamia Bonbonniere boxes (each with 3 x nougat bon bons).