Rethinking the Land and Agrarian Questions in Africa – by Vusi Gumede & Toendepi Shonhe

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The book draws inspiration from the works of earlier scholars on land and agriculture in Africa. It is in honour of the late Professor Sam Moyo who was a leading scholar on land and agrarian issues.

The book takes the land and agriculture debates further by analysing the pertinent issues across many African countries. Having been at the core of Africa’s colonisation project, the land question has remained unresolved in many African countries. A clash of visions about the role of land and how to configure its ownership as ideas, ideologies and political intentions continue to attract contestation.

The book relies on empirical evidence to argue for hastening of land reforms and for promoting agrarian-led development in Africa. The book provides a fresh theoretical lens in assessing the land and agrarian questions, using radical agrarian political economy to underscore the imperative for decolonising the land and a basis for creating new platforms for social change and broadened accumulation by the indigenes.