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The Peel’s story began in 1924 in the Midlands with Jack Peel

who operated a little apiary as a hobby. He started-off by selling small quantities of his honey to friends and neighbours and, as demand increased from far and wide, so did the number of his beehives.

During 1956, Jack met a local beekeeper – John Smith. Their shared love of all things bees made for a good partnership and the two began working together as beekeepers. Jack passed away in 1959 and John continued to build the Peel’s legacy together with his wife, Faye. The Smiths would routinely park their car next to the national road with the boot open and sell passers-by their honey products. In short time, the Smiths decided to build a little wooden kiosk to replace their car boot not far from the road and loyal customers continued to visit their little wooden kiosk to find their favourite Peel’s products… and the rest is history, as they say! Peel’s is now the oldest surviving honey brand in South Africa and heritage runs through our honey!

Peel’s has changed owners over the years since the Smiths and, naturally, with new owners comes new ideas and energy with each owner having taken care to ensure that the legacy associated with Peel’s brand continues and grows. The Peel’s shop on the scenic Midlands Meander has become a popular landmark and made Peel’s a household name through the country with many of our loyal customers having fond memories of their store visits, road trips taken and delicious jars of honey.

Over the Years

Peel’s beekeeping operations had increased considerably with beehives spread across Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Free State.  The Peel’s beehives have always produced a significant portion of the Peel’s honey with additional honey sourced from small and medium sized beekeepers across South Africa.  The Peel’s philosophy has always been to support and encourage the art of beekeeping and provide its loyal followers with pure honey produced by South African bees.  We jealously guard our reputation as one of the few South African honey brands that does not compromise on quality and recognises the importance of local beekeepers as part of our success. This has allowed us to deliver on our promise of selling pure honey and other premium products since 1924 and many years to come – let the journey continue!

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