Meals on Wheels SA

A Non-Profit Organization Providing Cooked Meals, to the poorest of the poor, vulnerable persons, children, and the elderly. Providing community support, infrastructures, and services to those in need.

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Steph’s Ladles of Love

Stephanie Benjamin, founder of “Stephs Ladles of Love” a true passion for cooking, & a love for people. Which is how “Steph’s Ladles of Love” got started. Cooking up a storm every month, of at least 80 litres of soup or food, whatever the Season, and takes it to the needy communities of Cape Town and surrounding areas. Steph also delivers bread & other essential goods to farms & crèches in Stellenbosch.

Now you too can lend a hand by donating food (fresh, canned, dried or ready-made) toys, blankets, towels, clothes, housewares or whatever you can spare, or not using, please donate, whether it is financially, by way of goods, or any services. Please don’t forget our furry friends by donating dog or cat food, bowls, blankets, & towels…
Thank you for any assistance, may you be blessed…

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