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Bokkeveld Rooibos Tea

All natural, Tannin free, Caffeine free
Superior quality tea, unique to South Africa.

Our Story

“Our Heritage – From Bush to Brand”

How have we helped
We have brought hope to the all farmers in the Nieuwoudtville area, both commercial and emerging. The value of the fruit of land is shared between farmers and surrounding communities. Farmers and community are be able to participate in the entire value chain of Rooibos Tea, through the factory. The factory has transformed a poverty stricken area and will continue to bring economic growth and vibrancy to the entire Nieuwoudtville area.

In 2008, the Northern Cape Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) adopted a business case structuring its involvement in establishing an economic hub for the Rooibos Tea industry in Nieuwoudtville. The Rooibos Tea Factory, known as Nieuwoudtville Rooibos (Pty) Ltd was built to process 3000 ton of tea annually. The final product planned to be distributed both to the local and international markets.

This was a collaborative initiative between tea producers and DALRRD with the following main objectives:
• Empowerment of emerging rooibos tea producers through increased production and participation in the value chain. 
• Value adding through processing. 
• Expansion of the current tea plantations and infrastructure. 
• Improved production through better support structures. 
• Development of new and niche markets. 
• Community development and social responsibility. 
• Forward linkages for the producers in the value chain.

Vision Statement
“Renowned quality rooibos tea through trust based business and sustainable production. Taking our people and culture to the world.”


The factory built a solar plant that pumps electricity directly into the grid of Nieuwoudtville. Nieuwoudtville had a history of paying huge penalities for exceeding the electricity quota. Penalities are now a thing of the past and more household income is available to uplift the standard of living of households.

Bokkeveld Rooibos is involved with the youth and the aged through donations. We also support an independent organisation for alcohol abuse. We intend adopting the schooling and tertiary costs of successful learners at high school to develop engineers, food technologists, and other careers, that will be employed at the factory in future years.

The skill shortage is being addressed. SMME development – the factory is passionate about creating many revenue streams not only for the factory but through development of small businesses.

One of the brands still marketed informally “Lady T” products such as soap, foam bath, aerosol sprays and body lotion.

This is the home of Bokkeveld Rooibos Tea.

Bokkeveld rooibos flavour profile differs to rooibos teas grown in other regions because of the high altitude of the Bokkeveld plateau. Our climate contributes to the tea’s aromatic profile which makes our tea unique.

Bokkeveld Rooibos – Where Science Meets Art

At Bokkeveld Rooibos you’ll see science meeting art to create something good for you.

Here, the science of technology, precision and top-quality equipment meets the art of the human touch, taste and smell.

This is also where the Northern Cape meets the Western Cape, where the warm wind meets the sea breeze, where community meets opportunity and where consumers will meet quality rooibos tea.

This is the home of Bokkeveld Rooibos.

Our Tea

The altitude and temperatures in Nieuwoudtville allows for greater density and deeper aroma. This impacts profit margins as less Niewoudtville tea is required to be bagged to obtain a minimum weight in the tea bag, than with tea grown in lower lying areas.

The factory is 100% owned by government and therefore unlike any private company the objectives differ slightly in that our profit margins are not dictated by having to distribute profits to individual shareholders, but rather profit margins are dictated by ensuring the economy is grown though successful and sustainable farmers and to ensure that jobs are created and sustained in the long-term.

Other products
The factory has been innovative in that all waste is utilised, even the dust and steam that blows into the air. Instant tea and Rooibos Tea extract is produced at the factory.

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