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Redlands Hotel – Pietermaritzburg

Redlands Hotel – Boutique Luxury Accommodation – Pietermaritzburg South Africa Enjoy a Luxury Experience. It should come as no surprise that the Redlands Hotel boasts of some of Pietermaritzburg’s most refined accommodation. With sixteen Deluxe Rooms, two Library Suites and four Premier Suites to choose from, we cater to your every need, making sure that […]

Bokkeveld Rooibos Tea

All natural, Tannin free, Caffeine free, superior quality tea, unique to South Africa. Bokkeveld Rooibos – Where Science Meets Art At Bokkeveld Rooibos you’ll see science meeting art to create something good for you. Here, the science of technology, precision and top-quality equipment meets the art of the human touch, taste and smell. This is also […]

KAANG – Sān Creator God

African mythology › African pantheon Creator God of the Bushmen He got totally fed up with the disobedience of mankind and went away in a huff. Now somewhat aloof, his only communication with Earth these days is via preying mantises and caterpillars. Praying to Kaang is therefore a rather specialized subject, We can only suggest you take a quick […]