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“Moments are by far the most extraordinary little elements of time they spring upon you when you least expect, and if you are lucky enough, or rather aware enough, you eventually recognize them while they take place.

The key is to be careful not to notice them too much. They have an uncanny way of disappearing once noticed, since they are very shy evasive little creatures.

However, the beauty of moments is that they are never lost forever, because even though you may not notice them immediately, we are always able to recall each and every one of them, at will.”

::: iKaang – An extract from “Expanding Verse


Kaang is the creator god of the Bushmen of Southern Africa and is said to have made all things. He is regarded as the god of natural phenomena, present in all things, but especially the mantis and caterpillar.

The Bushmen believe that they used to live underground with the animals until Kaang brought them all above the ground. This is their theory of their creation.

Creation story

Receiving disobedience from the first men he had created, Kaang sent fire and destruction to Earth. He was met with such opposition in the world that he moved his abode from the earth to the top of the sky.

It is also said Kaang created the moon from an old shoe, and that with his wife Coti he bore two sons, Cogaz and Gewi.

Other myths

Kaang has many myths attached to him and could be considered an epic hero. In one myth, he was eaten by an ogre, who then vomited him back up. In another, he was killed by thorns and his boned picked clean by ants, but Kaang reassembled his skeleton and rose again.


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“However long a river may be, it is always connected to it’s origin.”

~ an african proverb

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